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Aadhar Card Services

 Aadhar Card Services:-

Aadhar Services – UIDAI gives Aadhaar Card facility to all Resident in India.With the help of it, you can identify any person with the help of Aadhar number and fingerprint.Adhar Card has a portable identity which can be authenticated anytime anywhere.

Aadhaar Authentication is done in a very secure manner, which ensures the safety of private data.Aadhar card also collect biometric Data of all Resident in India including fingerprint scan and your Eye Retina scan.These biometric processes give different identification to all Indians.

E Aadhar Card service is mainly categorized into four parts.

1. Check Aadhaar and Bank Account Linking Status – With the help of this Aadhar card Service facility, an Aadhaar holder can check his/her Adhar number linked to their Bank Account or not.Aadhaar Linking status is fetched from NPCI Server.

Aadhar-Bank Linking Status

2. Aadhaar Card Verification Service – With the help of this service an Aadhar holder can verify his E Aadhaar card number is valid or not.You can also check your Adhar Card is Activate or not.

Click To Verify Aadhar

3. Verify Your Email or Mobile Number – Aadhaar number holder’s registered mobile number is essential to access Aadhaar online services, as well as Aadhaar, enabled benefits. Residents can verify their already registered email address and mobile number with the help of this service.

Aadhar Mob.No Email Verification 

4. Lock / Unlock Biometrics – With the help of this Aadhar Card Services you can lock your Biometric data which is stored for biometric authentication.Residents can unlock their biometrics before any biometric authentications transaction.

Lock/Unlock  Your Fingerprint

So this is all important information about Aadhaar Card Services.I hope you all know about the E Adhar Service with the help of above-given information.


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